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Upcoming Workshops

Join me at Forge Forward in September and get your hands inky with one of these creative workshops




What's better than a creative workshop where you get to make something awesome? A free creative workshop!

Come and join me for some drinks at the launch of my September feature at Forge Forward in Fortitude Valley, where I will be hosting a free drop in workshop. 

Sparked by the way words and image come together to create something magic, this playful collage workshop is a great introduction to my creative process.

Saturday 5 September, 4pm - 7pm


Cosmic love:

Abstract painting workshop

This painting workshop that will take you on a wild ride from Russian rebel artists and through your own imagination to your very own masterpiece. 

Part art history, part personal reflection and all creative play, Kate will guide you through a series of activities which help you discover why you are awesome and how to put that on paper. At the end, you will leave with your very own frame-worthy artwork.

With an emphasis on joyful self confidence, this one is ideal to do with a friend or someone who knows you best. But if you’re solo, don’t worry, as we will all be friends by the end!

Thursday 10 September

Sunday 20 September


Throwing Shapes:

Abstract painting workshop

No longer reserved for the dance floor, you can now throw some shapes onto paper and create your own ever-lasting masterpiece. Join me for a workshop which focuses on the joy of creative play.  This is for anyone who would like to hang something beautiful on their wall and be able to tell their friends they made it themselves!

Ideal for beginners, you will learn about the elements & principles of design and combine them with play and personal reflection in a series of fun, guided activities. And at the end, you will leave with your own frame-worthy artwork.

Saturday 12 September

Thursday 17 September

Thursday 24 September

Needlepoint option 1.jpg


NEEDlepoint workshop

There is something wonderful about slowing down and taking the time to make something with your own hands. Embrace your inner-Nanna and  join me for a very zen workshop. Working with a custom canvas, Kate will walk you through the basic stitches of needlepoint, so that you can see your very own creation come to life.


You have the option to choose one of three designs to create during the workshop and all materials are provided, so the only thing you need to bring is your lovely self.

Sunday 13 September

Saturday 19 September

Custom Workshops

All workshops are available for private group bookings and can be tailored to suit your event. If you have something specific in mind, let me know and I will work with you to prepare a workshop that is just right. Ideal for team building, girls nights, or just to get creative with your mates.

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